Executive transport and hiring tips

Executive transport is an increasingly popular service among businesses. With it, entrepreneurs facilitate the rush of appointments, with comfortable and safe transport.

It is also useful for hosting events, for transporting participants to their accommodation. For families and tour groups, the rental of vans or executive cars with a driver is a quiet option for travel.

What is executive transport?

It is a type of transport service designed for people who need to dedicate themselves to their activities without worrying about getting around between appointments.

In companies, it is used to streamline the lives of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. Thus, they move between meetings, business trips and events more quickly and with quality, compared to using ordinary taxis.

Similarly, chauffeur-driven van rental transports guests to corporate events, picking them up at their accommodations and taking them to the venues.

The objective is to facilitate access for participants, ensuring their presence, while the organization demonstrates care for them.

In addition, the service is quite common in tourist cities, offering a tour option for families.

In these cases, transport almost always takes place between hotels or lodgings and tourist spots, simplifying travel and benefiting local tourism.

In most cases, the chauffeur service is of great value, making transport much more agile and smooth compared to the rental car service.

What are the advantages of executive transport?

For companies, the system can mean savings. Just think that if it has its own cars, it will have to bear the costs of drivers’ salaries, fuel, car documentation and any maintenance expenses.

With taxis it is possible to eliminate these costs, but the variation of routes and times can make the service more expensive. The same can happen with the use of transport applications, which can leave the entrepreneur on hand when he needs it most.

When hiring a company specialized in renting Executive Chauffeur Service Istanbul or vans with a driver, the values ​​are fixed, depending on the contract established, which facilitates a more effective control of expenses.

Customer comfort is perhaps one of the service’s greatest advantages, however. Regardless of the length of travel, fatigue, traffic and other concerns that transport can generate for the driver, passengers can have a peaceful and relaxing trip.

Furthermore, it is possible to choose a vehicle that best suits your use and needs.

A businessman might prefer a luxury sedan or an armored car, for example; lecturers may only need a single van, while a family on vacation would benefit from a luxury van rental . There are many possibilities for comfortable and safe travel.

Tips for hiring executive transport

Faced with so many benefits, hiring a specialized company to supply vans or cars, with or without a driver service, is gaining more and more followers.

However, it must be remembered that for the safety of passengers it is essential that the chosen company has the utmost seriousness and commitment.

This can avoid a number of unpleasant and problematic situations, as delays or recklessness in traffic can have serious consequences.

The main tips in hiring executive transport service are:

  • Understand what the needs of the occasion are;
  • Budget services and compare contracts;
  • Check the company’s reputation before hiring;
  • Know the driver, if any, who must be competent.

Regarding the driver, it is important that he is experienced in the area and that he knows a lot about the place where he will travel with passengers.

This helps to reduce the risk of unforeseen events and accidents, such as delays and confusing routes, especially when transporting to remote locations such as farms or in other cities.

In the case of transport to events or trips, it is even more important that he is friendly, because his attitude will also influence the passengers’ experience.

In the end, following all the tips and recommendations, it is possible to guarantee a pleasant, efficient and comfortable trip, regardless of the situation.

Executive transport for companies: what are the advantages?

Meetings, congresses, business trips and events are activities that the corporate world is used to. Despite this, executives are tired of the heavy routine. To alleviate this situation and provide greater convenience, it is possible to hire Executive Chauffeur Service in Istanbul. In addition to comfort, this service offers many advantages. Check it out in this text Executive transport !

Executive transportation benefits for companies

Traffic, delays, wear and tear of the car itself or stress with public transport are problems that many professionals go to work. Each of them impairs the employee’s productivity. However, all can be avoided by hiring executive transport for companies. In addition, in the case of business trips, it is possible to use the service as a transfer. But these are not the only benefits gained. See below the advantages of executive transport for companies!

Time saving

Most of the time, an executive needs to go from one meeting to another in different places and with little time between each one. With executive transportation for companies, it is possible to optimize his time. This is because the private driver will seek the ideal route, avoiding traffic jams. In addition, as a professional driver, you are used to making routes for less time. Thus, a businessman manages to arrive at his appointments at the correct times.

Added value

Imagine that a businessman is flying in from another state for a meeting at your organization. Providing the necessary comfort to your guest is essential. In addition to exposing a certain concern for his comfort, this can count points when closing a partnership. By hiring executive transport as a transfer, you will be met by a qualified professional driver with a premium car. It is not a question of luxury, but of added value.


Most of the time, a business director or lawyer needs to deal with confidential matters over the phone. Making calls during the executive transport journey, there is no need to worry. The information will not be shared with other people and the driver will be focused on driving. In addition, he will be discreet, avoiding disturbing the customer with unnecessary conversations.


Safety is an important factor when it comes to driving on the roads. After all, many car accidents occur daily. But private drivers are trained to have defensive driving in order to preserve their own lives and that of their customers.

Still in terms of safety, but with a focus on health, one of the advantages is that the passenger will be safer in relation to the Coronavirus. After all, contact with the driver will be minimal and there will be no crowding of people inside the vehicle. In addition, it is important to highlight the care that Chauffeurdrive has in the fight against covid-19, providing alcohol gel for the occupants of the car to use.

Executive transportation service for high quality companies

All the advantages presented can only be achieved if the executive transport for companies is of quality. To do this, hire the service of a transport company with a private driver that acts with excellence. Chauffeurdrive can raise the level of transportation for its employees to work. In addition to a fleet of premium cars, we offer the opportunity to choose the driver for the desired route. Contact us to know more about our services!