Necessary care before renting a Minibus

The renting a Minibus is essential for trips to distant events or that end late, to go to parties in groups or for other purposes, such as transporting employees, for example. However, this very useful service on a day-to-day basis must also be planned and carried out by companies that maintain the quality standard required by Organs responsible bodies. If you are thinking of renting a Minibus, no matter what the purpose, there are some precautions that must be taken into consideration. We separate the main ones. Write it down:

The Minibus driver

First of all, it is necessary to know if the driver who will take your group to the event or party is in fact certified and qualified to carry out that work. The tip is to check if it has category “D” license, as the law requires so that it is possible to drive this type of vehicle. In addition, it is worth asking about his experience, if he knows the region well where the group will go or if he has enough time in this type of work, besides being a good connoisseur of roads or the city in question. This research is very important, as it will be this professional who will be responsible for the entire journey and for the safety of passengers. In addition, he must be responsible and have good indications. So, pay attention to this item.

Vehicle tires

Talking about the condition of the Minibus, the first item to be analyzed is the quality of the tires. Are they in good condition? If they are “bald”, do not accept the trip and talk to the person in charge of the company so that the vehicle can be changed immediately. Remember that tires are essential items, which can endanger the integrity of passengers, if they do not comply with the standards. Talk to someone who knows the subject and ask that person to take a look at this item, to ensure that everything will go as smoothly as possible.

Seat belts

Everyone knows that seat belts are mandatory on any trip, even if it is within the city. Therefore, check that all seats have all the belts in perfect condition and talk to the person in charge of the company if you notice any problems. He must change the vehicle or repair it.

General conditions of the Minibus:

The vehicle must be in good condition, well preserved and in perfect working order. Of course, technical problems can always happen, but it is the company’s obligation to periodically maintain the Minibus, avoiding excessive unforeseen circumstances. Serious companies keep the seats always comfortable and the upholstery intact, in addition to leaving the vehicle always well structured.

Take a look at the entire Minibus before hiring the services and expose any irregularities you notice in the Minibus. It is important to always maintain safety and also comfort, after all, the service will be paid to bring the best experience for you and who will be on the trips.

Now that you know what to look for, just choose a Minibus rental company that fits your expectations and plan your event or trip as soon as possible.

Chauffeurdrive has vehicles always in perfect condition, which undergo regular maintenance and periodic overhauls. In addition, our drivers are properly trained and qualified to make any journey safely.

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Chauffeur Driven Istanbul Cars For Most Comfortable And Safe Journey

You do not go to a Business Hub and Tourist Place like Istanbul to drive a car on unknown roads. You will be happy focusing on your sightseeing or business and would like to go to different places with ease. For you, the importance is a safe, relaxed journey using a chauffeur driven Istanbul car.
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Transfer from the Airport and Transfer for Companies

When landing in an unfamiliar city it can be very useful to have a trusted contact waiting for us at the airport. For this reason, Chauffeurdrive Car Hire offers its customers a dedicated airport transfer service to allow them to reach their destination in total serenity and without worries, simply enjoying the journey.

Choosing the rental with driver from Istanbul airport car transfer service in fact has the undoubted advantage of traveling with all the comforts and not having any restrictions in terms of travel possibilities or time. In fact, our service is active 24 / 24h every day of the year to ensure a very high level service even on holidays and has no movement restrictions whatsoever as it can also circulate in the historic center or in limited traffic areas.

Each trip will be made with luxury sedans equipped with all the comforts to ensure a pleasant and discreet journey in which to work or relax. In fact, the cars have courtesy amenities for those who use them, such as bottles of water and wet wipes. Furthermore, for those who want to work comfortably as there is also the opportunity to charge mobile phones and PCs during the trip on the cars.

On the occasion of congresses or other events the groups can be more numerous and for this reason we also have dedicated minivans, to ensure a pleasant and peaceful journey even in these circumstances.


Our rental service with driver from the main airports is a valid alternative to the use of a taxi as, in addition to ensuring a superior quality service, it also allows you to have a car already available that awaits guests upon their arrival and also to arrange preventively the price avoiding unpleasant inconveniences related to traffic, which could greatly increase the final price, or even inconveniences related to possible strikes of taxis or scheduled vehicles that carry out transfers from the airport to the city center .

We carry out the Car transfer from/to Istanbul Airport, but also from Byzas and the mountain resorts to guarantee an efficient and punctual service for those who want to move quickly and with all the comforts.


Very often, on the occasion of important meetings, companies need to carry out high-level transfers to ensure a comfortable journey for their guests.

Our transfer service for companies is designed precisely to meet this need by guaranteeing a punctual and flawless transfer service carried out on a car that has all the necessary comforts for those who want to work even on the move or rest, pampered with due attention. For those who wish, upon notice, it will be possible to find magazines and newspapers of interest directly on the car so as to spend the transfer immersed in a pleasant reading.

The car rental service with driver of the Chauffeurdrive rental can be carried out from the main airports of Piedmont and Lombardy also with representative cars, if the company requests it, to ensure a service that is up to particularly important personalities. For companies that need this service on a regular basis, there is also the possibility of stipulating agreements in order to ensure the best service in qualitative and economic terms.

Traveling has never been so simple and relaxing: thanks to the transfer from the airport from Istanbul, only the pleasure of traveling will remain a journey to be experienced in total serenity.

Enjoy Your Trips with a Luxury Driver in Istanbul

Having a luxury Private Chauffeur Service in Istanbul is one of the best investments you can make, especially if, for work reasons, you have to make medium or long-distance trips continuously.

It is a private and exclusive service that responds whenever you need it, quickly and decisively, being able to have it at any time and at any time. The luxury driver in Istanbul can become the best option, to avoid traffic jams, arrive on time to your meetings or important appointments and to be able to worry about driving constantly, looking for parking, etc.

Luxury Driver in Istanbul, ​​the Most Comfortable Way to Get Around

The trips to the airport, to congresses, offices, hotels, companies and all kinds of places are very frequent for senior executives and businessmen, so that transport is one of the most important elements to take into account in their day to day.

With the option of having a luxury private driver in Istanbul, you can get a comprehensive solution, since in addition to traveling comfortably; you get a service with all the guarantees, whenever you need it.

In addition to enjoying efficient travel, it should be noted that, as it is a private vehicle, it is not necessary to share the space with more people and, therefore, it becomes a hygienic and safer option than public transport, for example.

In these uncertain times, having a luxury Private Chauffeur Service in Istanbul can be the best guarantee to conserve the space and social distance necessary in the day-to-day life of many businessmen, traveling safely and respectfully and avoiding crowds.

Each and every one of our private vehicles follow health recommendations and are properly disinfected after each use, to avoid contagion and offer a safe and private system, even in times of uncertainty.

The luxury chauffeur service in Istanbul will not only provide you with a safe, private and hygienic journey, but it is also a perfect way to enjoy maximum discretion in your travels and obtain a reliable service of the highest quality.

If you are interested in hiring a private route in Istanbul of the highest quality, we invite you to visit our website and get in touch with us.

You can do so by sending an email to, by calling +90-543-480-8877 or by filling out the contact form, to explain your needs. We will answer you as soon as possible, choosing a personalized solution, to make the day-to-day of your journeys as comfortable, safe and efficient as possible at all times.


Advantages of Having a Private Chauffeur in Istanbul in Times of Covid 19

If you need to find a safe transport, in which you do not have to share a route with more people in order to avoid a possible contagion, it is best to choose a Private Chauffeur Service in Istanbul, since it is the way you will always travel with a reliable driver and you will not need to opt for options as risky as public transport.

You will also have other great advantages such as the fact of always obtaining maximum availability, with a fully accessible service at any time of the day, even at night. The night service is perfect for all those people who leave their work or an important meeting late, in order to obtain a safe and reliable journey, ensuring that the private driver in Istanbul can pick you up at the door and take you to your destination.

This 24/7 availability means that the private chauffeur service in Istanbul can fully adapt to your needs, without having to depend on anyone and knowing that you will always get a response.

In addition to the ability to obtain this service at any time, you will also enjoy absolute immediacy, because regular customers can request a last-minute service, to cover unforeseen or emergencies that may arise, obtaining an efficient response at any time.

The private chauffeur service in Istanbul is a good way to personalize a journey to your liking and adjusted to your needs, since it is an exclusive and private journey that takes into account what you need, avoiding, for example, putting the radio or music if you wish, the language you want to use to speak with your trusted driver, if you prefer to go one place or another to your destination, etc.

It is a door-to-door service that, in addition to security against the coronavirus, you can also get security for your integrity, since always having a private driver waiting in Istanbul means that you can always arrive home accompanied and that you do not have to walk alone looking a taxi or accessing public transport or walking to your destination.

Hire Our Private Chauffeur Service Istanbul

To benefit from all the advantages of the private chauffeur service in Istanbul, ​​it is important that you choose well the company that is going to offer you this service. In Private Chauffeur Istanbul we present various modalities, depending on the needs of each client, to provide private and safe routes, to make private routes, tourist tours, transfer to or from the airport, etc.

If you want to contact us, you can do so by filling out the contact form, calling +90-543-480-8877 or sending an email to