Executive transport: what are the benefits of hiring for your company?

Outside activities such as meetings Executive transport service, meeting with clients and traveling are very common in corporate life. Especially in these cases, efficient transport makes all the difference in everyday life.

The best option for companies looking for convenience, safety and agility is Executive Chauffeur Service Istanbul. This kind of personalized service saves time and resources, but the benefits don’t stop there!

Before we talk more about the subject, check in which situations you can opt for executive transport:

  • Attendance and coverage of events (such as congresses, fairs and seminars)
  • Reception at the airport through identified professionals
  • Transport of pouches and parcels
  • Employee Transport
  • Occasional transport for meetings
  • Transfers to airports/hotels
  • Business trips

Still in doubt if hiring this service is the best option? Check out some advantages of executive transport for your company that we have selected for you to decide for yourself!

Optimization of time and productivity

In executive transport, drivers think about strategic routes, ensuring the fastest route without leaving safety aside. Thus, executives and employees spend less time in traffic and optimize their time.

Traffic is also a major influence on productivity, directly affecting yield and concentration. With the executive transport service, commuting is more pleasant and relaxed.

In addition, executives can continue their professional tasks along the way, such as reviewing contracts, using the notebook, making calls, etc.

Savings for business

The executive transport company is responsible for the drivers’ salaries, fleet maintenance, fuel, etc. Therefore, the values ​​are fixed, making it possible to calculate and forecast your company’s expenses with the transport service.

Keep in mind that urban mobility apps are often in greater demand during peak hours, driving up the price and incurring extra expenses. With their own cars, there are expenses such as fines, insurance, property tax, etc.

By opting for executive transport, you will undoubtedly find savings when putting bills at the tip of your pencil.

Flexibility and customization of the service

With executive transport, you request the vehicle for the necessary time (and it will always be punctual!), types of car (and even van, if necessary) and any other needs of your company or client.

Flexibility for any situation involving safe and efficient transport.

Routes are drawn out of risk zones, ensuring greater safety for passengers. Qualified drivers are also prepared to deal with adversity and factors such as heavy rain, road failures, etc. No professional will drive sleepy, abuse speed, make dangerous overtaking or disrespect the rest period in the workday.

You also won’t have to worry about your privacy and confidential matters: any conversations handled over the phone or between passengers are confidential.

Winning customers

Executive transport is, without a doubt, a way to delight your customers. That’s because the service conveys credibility and shows concern with the quality of its partners’ transport. No doubt you will leave a great impression by choosing the service!

How to choose the best executive transport company

As this service has been increasingly sought after, several companies have emerged to meet the demand, but not always efficiently and reliably. And it is safe not to joke!

It is important to choose a company that strictly follows the rules of transport legislation, in addition to having a team with highly trained drivers.

The Chauffeur Drive takes very seriously the full satisfaction of customers with complete focus on the high standard transport. Thus, the company conquered the demanding market of Curitiba and Metropolitan Region, becoming a reference in executive transport.

If you are looking for the best service in the region, please contact our team. It will be a pleasure to serve your company!

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Executive transport and hiring tips

Executive transport is an increasingly popular service among businesses. With it, entrepreneurs facilitate the rush of appointments, with comfortable and safe transport.

It is also useful for hosting events, for transporting participants to their accommodation. For families and tour groups, the rental of vans or executive cars with a driver is a quiet option for travel.

What is executive transport?

It is a type of transport service designed for people who need to dedicate themselves to their activities without worrying about getting around between appointments.

In companies, it is used to streamline the lives of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. Thus, they move between meetings, business trips and events more quickly and with quality, compared to using ordinary taxis.

Similarly, chauffeur-driven van rental transports guests to corporate events, picking them up at their accommodations and taking them to the venues.

The objective is to facilitate access for participants, ensuring their presence, while the organization demonstrates care for them.

In addition, the service is quite common in tourist cities, offering a tour option for families.

In these cases, transport almost always takes place between hotels or lodgings and tourist spots, simplifying travel and benefiting local tourism.

In most cases, the chauffeur service is of great value, making transport much more agile and smooth compared to the rental car service.

What are the advantages of executive transport?

For companies, the system can mean savings. Just think that if it has its own cars, it will have to bear the costs of drivers’ salaries, fuel, car documentation and any maintenance expenses.

With taxis it is possible to eliminate these costs, but the variation of routes and times can make the service more expensive. The same can happen with the use of transport applications, which can leave the entrepreneur on hand when he needs it most.

When hiring a company specialized in renting Executive Chauffeur Service Istanbul or vans with a driver, the values ​​are fixed, depending on the contract established, which facilitates a more effective control of expenses.

Customer comfort is perhaps one of the service’s greatest advantages, however. Regardless of the length of travel, fatigue, traffic and other concerns that transport can generate for the driver, passengers can have a peaceful and relaxing trip.

Furthermore, it is possible to choose a vehicle that best suits your use and needs.

A businessman might prefer a luxury sedan or an armored car, for example; lecturers may only need a single van, while a family on vacation would benefit from a luxury van rental . There are many possibilities for comfortable and safe travel.

Tips for hiring executive transport

Faced with so many benefits, hiring a specialized company to supply vans or cars, with or without a driver service, is gaining more and more followers.

However, it must be remembered that for the safety of passengers it is essential that the chosen company has the utmost seriousness and commitment.

This can avoid a number of unpleasant and problematic situations, as delays or recklessness in traffic can have serious consequences.

The main tips in hiring executive transport service are:

  • Understand what the needs of the occasion are;
  • Budget services and compare contracts;
  • Check the company’s reputation before hiring;
  • Know the driver, if any, who must be competent.

Regarding the driver, it is important that he is experienced in the area and that he knows a lot about the place where he will travel with passengers.

This helps to reduce the risk of unforeseen events and accidents, such as delays and confusing routes, especially when transporting to remote locations such as farms or in other cities.

In the case of transport to events or trips, it is even more important that he is friendly, because his attitude will also influence the passengers’ experience.

In the end, following all the tips and recommendations, it is possible to guarantee a pleasant, efficient and comfortable trip, regardless of the situation.

What do I have to study to be a private driver?

If driving is one of your passions, you can consider becoming a private driver. Normally, these professionals transport people with public notoriety or high economic resources by car. For example, politicians, businessmen, relatives of leaders, etc. However, there are also drivers who act as personal assistants for clients with reduced mobility. In this case, a distinction must be made between the work of a luxury Private Chauffeur Service and the work of a personal assistant for the disabled and elderly. In addition, it is convenient to differentiate between private drivers who work for companies and those who work as self-employed.

But what does it take to work as a private driver? It is clear that to engage in the transport of people you basically need two things: a vehicle and an appropriate registration certificate. However, to work as a driver you must prove other requirements and skills. Let’s see what they are.

What do I need to be a private driver?

To work in the private sector, it is necessary to be in possession of:

  • Type B driving license. A five-year-old driving license is compulsory. Companies value experience as the first endorsement on the resume. They are looking for people with extensive knowledge of highway codes and quick handling of the car.
  • Registration with social security and work permit. To work with an employment contract (either part-time or full-time) you need to meet these legal requirements.
  • Good level of languages. Without traveling and serving people with high responsibilities, you may have to use foreign languages.

In case of working as a freelancer, you must also add these requirements:

  • High in the Treasury. Keep in mind that the Treasury is very strict with false self-employed, so it is advisable to register and declare income regularly. In case of doubt, contact an agency.
  • VTC license. This certificate allows transporting passengers by car. In fact, these acronyms mean Tourist Vehicles with Driver.

What qualities should a private driver have?

But not everything is cards and licenses. There are a number of features that will help you carry out your work successfully. For example:

  • Good presence. At this point, issues such as hygiene, aesthetic criteria with clothing, cordial treatment of the public, etc. are included.
  • Punctuality and discretion. Normally, a Private Chauffeur Service in Istanbul transports people with deep commitments. This implies two things: that your customers cannot be late and that you cannot reveal anything from the conversations you overhear.
  • Luxury car. To gain credibility and prestige as a luxury driver, you will need a high-end car. For example, the Audi A8 or the Mercedes S-Class limousine. Keep in mind that the seats must be comfortable and the back very wide.
  • Knowledge of personal defense. Like taxi drivers, drivers need notions of self-defense to get away from aggressive customers. In this sense, the title of security guard can help you get more jobs. Although it is not a dangerous job, the risk increases at night.

Do you want to get your car license to work as a driver in the future? Check the courses available on Chauffeurdrive and get to work. Don’t let the steering wheel resist you! Oh, and remember that you can apply for scholarships to make driving school preparation cheaper. Click on this link to find out.


8 advantages of hiring a chauffeur service

Advantages of having a chauffeur service

Are you thinking of hiring an exclusive vehicle with a chauffeur service? Do you really know the advantages it can offer you? Is this service as expensive as you think?

More and more companies are adding to rent a vehicle with a driver either for specific days or for a continuous service. Specifically, those companies that are completely hierarchical are those that appreciate any type of external help even more.

Not only do companies opt for this type of service, but individuals also hire it for certain special events such as weddings or important meetings with friends or family.

You can choose a high-end car, a minibus with up to 20 seats or go for a high-capacity bus. You will be the one to choose from our wide variety of models.

In this section we are going to detail a series of reasons why hiring a service of this type will always be a success.

The best cover letter: Arriving at an important meeting in a high-end Luxury vehicles company can be a great cover letter for the one who probably ends up being your future client or project partner.

  1. Time: A great saving of time is one of the advantages most repeated by the majority of customers who opt for this type of service. There is nothing like calling an exclusive vehicle company with a driver to indicate a date and time for pick up and that they are always extremely punctual.
  2. Rest: In these large vehicles you can rest during the entire journey. You can relax by watching a movie, reading a book, or napping.
  3. Comfort: Both cars and coaches have ample space to ensure the greatest comfort for travelers. They will be able to adjust their seats in such a way that when they go down they do not suffer any pain in their joints.
  4. Professionalism: We are specialized in this type of service and we have driving professionals. All of them have a long history in this sector and are used to treating all their clients delicately.
  5. Safety: Being high-end vehicles they have all kinds of benefits related to safety, both to avoid or protect in the event of an accident.
  6. Availability: These drivers will always be ready to take you wherever you need it at any time of the day. The only essential requirement is only to reserve it as far in advance as possible.
  7. Additional services: By hiring this Executive Chauffeur Service in Istanbul you can always add another series of positive values. They guarantee the highest confidentiality and give you all kinds of useful details about the city to which you are transferring.

Is this service really that expensive? For executives or senior positions of certain companies it is not an expensive service when compared to other types of transportation. By adding all the advantages it offers, it always ends up being more profitable.

These are exclusive vehicles with a driver that you can access without any problem. Anyone can access these luxury services at unbeatable prices.

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